Friday, December 3, 2010

Issue#1-wickedjypsi zine-In the making.....

Howdy All...

As one of the many gifts I have made and am making (and will post pics of) one of them is the first issue of my long-awaited (by me:) zine: the "WickedjypsiZine". The following are some of the pages I have completed although the book is not put in order or bound yet............(theme: a 2011 playbook to relax discover and explore!!)

             I’ve decided to start making habits,
                                          instead of breaking them…

Some Damn Good habits to make:

1. Start talking about how you
        want your life to be,
            Rather then how it is.
2. Choose a favorite “F” or “S” word
       And say it often. (Fantastic, Fabulous,
                                                 Super, Spectacular, etc.)
3. Seek out a Hilarious story to
laugh at once a week- or just make
                                            fun of someone elseJ
4. Send someone a “Howdy” card
              Just for the hell of it!
5. Look for “intentions” – leave it up
       To god to condemn the
            wicked to hell!
6. Practice listening- (some people think
       this implies that they agree with the speaker, but
       no worries, I’m sure the hard-headedness will reign
7. Look others in the eye during
   Conversations – it discourages fibbing!
8. when confused or in doubt, write down
   Your troubles on paper- it’s usually easier
       blame it on someone else if the details are in writing.

9. don’t enter your pin # at a gas station

                      Last but not least…….
10. use your filter- you’ll live longer

just a frank and funny foto collage!

This page is unfinished but it titled "Bits of Peace"- a list of things 
that bring a little sunshine into my day. There is a section on the finished page for the reader to enter a list of her/his own.........(completed page will be posted later-I promise:)

                               guy and the simpsons

                              2.blogs (diy tutorials and “idea” shopping)

                                                        3.the sims

                           4.brian froud art “goblins” & “pressed fairies”

                                           5.watching movie Trailers

                                       6.underlining cool passages in
                                                           stephen king books

                                 7.just knowing that I have a basket on the
                                                 front of my bicycle

The next three pages are a basic "List your 2011Resolutions" and two other pages that give the reader a chance to write down the best and worst of the past year and ..."forget about it"......and one of my favorite quotes to finish off with.

Parts of 2010 to forget...

Best Parts of 2010

2011Resolution Page

Just a quote

These pages are going to be sandwiched between some coloring pages for a little child-like relaxation time when we can coloring inside or outside of the lines as we please.....we can color how we want..we are adults you know!:)))

More to Come as the Days Go By!!!!!!!!!