Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Crafting Christmas GNOMES..(that's right, Gnomes) and MORE!

It has been a busy week, but I have started my holiday crafting and gift making. My big obsession this year is Gnomes !!
I know that may sound weird, but I am a little, Gnomes it is!!

 I have come across some AWESOME patterns and tutorials online and will be sharing those projects for the next few weeks as we get closer and closer to CHRISTMAS.... (don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving. But the way I figure, both Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrate the closeness of family and showing gratitude for the blessings in our lives. But really it is just so I can keep my tree up for 2 months ;)

The first Gnome Project:
 --with some wooden balls, felt pieces, yarn and glue, these were so fun to put together and inspired my fixation this year with everything GNOME!!!

               Mr. & Mrs. Christmas Gnome
A Wonderful idea and tutorial from the December 2012 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest edition...(pages 40and 45)
 I also have been yearning for more organization as the holiday season begins, so I put together a simple, but cute Christmas Planner to organize all the necessary info I need:
The outside cover....

 For the interior of my planner, I used manilla envelopes with handmade tabs labeled for my 5 most important categories in keeping myself organized for the Holidays : 
     1. Gifts to Make
     2. A calendar page
     3. Cards received and sent
     4. Recipes old and new
     5. Receipts ( to make sure I stay within my budget....hahaha, yeah right!)

Last, I received a beautiful set of these "Noel" wooden letters from my extremely crafty sister in Utah:

Much more to come...Gnomes and more, that my next post as I share more Gnome pics, ideas and tutorials I created and discovered....and other Christmas decor!!

Merry Christmas & Happy Thanksgiving All!!

   Wicked jypsi