Monday, June 25, 2012

A "Not So-Original" IIllustration....missing artist?!!

A "Not So-Original" Painting:

 A few years ago I came across an adorable picture on a Google Image search for inspiring illustrations, of a little girl in a crown using her magic wand to "Poof" her frog into a prince - as of a few weeks ago, I decided to replicate the painting for practice and am posting it to my blog - HOWEVER......I am unable to find the illustration on Flickr, Google, Yahoo, etc again and would love to find out the name of the original artist to credit her/him on my blog.  If anyone has any clues to help, that would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

This is the ORIGINAL illustration I found on Google:  

Pretty cute, eh???

And here is MY rendition:

I wasn't able to replicate it exactly due to my current skill level : ( ...but close!!

Thanks for checking this out, and again, if you have any idea who the original artist may be, please give me a holler!!!!!! THANK YOU....

Till next time,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

TRUE BLOOD is Back!!!!!!!

Cake Time Everybody!!!!
Welcoming the Season 5 "True Blood" back from the dead!!!!
wicked jypsi

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY Sticker Storage "Carousel"

I was looking at the ATC Carousels from 7 gypsies website and was enthralled with the idea of having one!
Unfortunately, my wallet was not as enthused :(  
But I am a huge fan of all of their products and have been using their embellishments and collage items for quite a few years now. So, I figured they would forgive me for taking this detour and making my own home-made version of their carousel to organize my sticker collection.

Below is what I came up with:

Pardon my messy craft table ......

I originally was going to make a one-tier carousel, but I found a plant stand in the back yard that,
when placed under the first tier set-up I had made, fit perfectly to provide a second tier to hold the longer stickers.

Below is what I started with to create my first tier of the carousel:

A wood plaque to serve as a stand, a wire coffee cup holder, the top wire-circle with the black frame of a kit I found for $5 on clearance (the rest of the kit was missing), and a dowel to fit the hole in the middle of the black frame.

 I drilled a hole the size of the dowel in the wood plaque and wood-glued the dowel inside. Then I placed the coffee cup holder on and the wire-circle and frame on the dowel so all three would sit and be stable on top of the plaque. To hold the dowel tighter, I cut it a 1/2 inch from the top of the black frame and. after drilling a small hole down into the top, I screwed a pink-diamond drawer pull from Michaels into it!
I used badge clips on top, and pick circled paper-clips with binder clips on bottom to attach stickers- I also found some black separators you can see on the top-tier to separate the stickers into categories.

It's amazing how much better I can work when I am organized and know exactly what items I have to use!!! ** Let me know if you have any construction questions on this project!!**

Till next time,
    wicked jypsi

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Custom-Made Macrame Knotting Board for jewelrymaking

I have become a Macrame addict this year!! 

After these past six months, I've gotten tired of the cardboard and binder clip setup. So, I designed and made (with my own little handsies :) a custom Knotting Board to fit the needed dimensions for my Macrame designs.

Here is a mini-tutorial of the process:


* 1/2" -1" thick wooden board (wood type of your choosing)
* 2 large round wooden balls with a flat side and screw holes
* 1 piece of sticky-back felt (color to match paint choice )
* 1 drawer pull (to be used to tie on to hold knotting cords-
drawer pull comes with needed screw)
* 2 long flat-head screws
* Decor supplies:  (see pic below)

Gesso or white paint, crackle medium (optional) masking tape, etc.


** After cutting and sanding the board, drill holes in wood and attach knobs to top/underside of the board board with the two flat-headed screws.

** Apply the stick-backed felt to the bottom, end and bottom-backside of
board (trim to fit).

** Paint board and knobs with chosen colors (use masking tape to protect
the top of the felt piece),  then seal with triple-coat sealer.

** Again, drill necessary hole and attached drawer pull to top/front of board.

Following are images of the finished process:

The top / front of the board. The felt piece along the bottom and folded on to the backside will stop the board from sliding on the surface it sits on.

The two knobs on the bottom will prop the board up at an angle when sitting on a table.

This board can be repaired if needed very easily and will last a long time!!

Hope this helps in your jewelry-making endeavors.