Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's an OWL thing......and an Alien thing!

Here is the latest plushie/softie creations - Lily has named her "Raspberry" :

This guy is titled on the "Cut out and Keep" site as Mr. Greenie
I am working on tutorials at this point so I will be posting these in a few weeks - I'm new to this so be patient with me!    

Our Halloween Monster Costumes!

I realize it is May now, but I never had a chance to post pic's of the costume
 I made for Lily last Halloween - we went with our favorite theme: 
"Alien Monster"

Mama's little Monster!!!!!  

I couldn't be more proud!!  hahahahah
              I actually made one for me to wear - same look only the color was a darker green and didn't turn out as vibrant as this one....   I'll be trying again next Halloween!