Monday, October 18, 2010

Creature Time

Meet "Igor"
I've been lucky to have some wonderful books to continue my studies in illustration. Here are some of the products from the exercises - fitting for the season.

Everybody's favorite Bad girl !
More to come............

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HOLY, SCARY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Just an idea:

If you want to read something to get you in the mood for the Spooky Season, and you are not of the faint of heart - warning - warning:

Try reading "Hell House" by Richard Matheson. He is a classic horror writer whose fans include Dean Koontz and Stephen King, and his more well-known book is titled "I am Legend". I can say, however, that I have never read or watched anything that I actually had to tell myself  "it's not real, it's not real" just to get to sleep. I was even nervous when I read it during the day - that's right, broad daylight and I'm looking over my shoulder and jumping when my extra loud air conditioner clicks on!

---Wait - the "Sixth Sense" move did cause me to refuse to go by myself to the bathroom when I awoke in the middle of the night. I actually woke up my husband and made him wait outside the door to make sure no spooks tried to get me. Ridiculous, but true!

More, more,more HALLOWEEN!!!!

My favorite holiday, barring Christmas is Halloween (as I have said before in my previous posts) and Lil' and I are crafting up some funky garland and candle shadows from patterns found on Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens websites - I was so impressed with some of their ideas for kids to take part in!!!!! I will post the pics of the final projects ASAP!!!!!