Sunday, September 15, 2013

Handmade Halloween Dog Couture: Collars, Leashes & Jackets

                       Handmade Halloween Dog Couture: 

                               Collars, Leashes & Jackets

I've been working on some fun projects lately, and before I begin posting all the new Halloween Decorations I have been making, I wanted to show off my latest obsession.......Making Doggie Couture !!



                A couple of Halloween Leashes to let the pups join in on the fun!!

I found a variety of tutorials online, but the leashes were pretty self-explanatory and the collars were easy after I deconstructed a few from the dollar store and figured them out :) It's actually become a little addictive and I've been going a little overboard making them for my Etsy store and as gifts for all of my family and friends who have dogs!!!

Since I was going crazy with the collars and such, I decided to be "one of those dog owners" as my sister puts it, who dresses up their pup in dog clothes !! I found a lovely tutorial on the MakeZine website for a "Sherlockian" style tweed dog coat and loved it so much I had to make two:

Dexter modeling the first jacket style with light brown buttons and velcro closures at the neck and waist :)

And here is Dexter, again, modeling the second version with a larger plaid pattern, dark brown buttons on the back and velcro closures, again on the neck and waist!!

 Thanks for checkin' this out! I'll be back with the first of many Halloween decor projects I have been finishing!

Till next time,
        Wicked jypsi