Monday, March 18, 2013

Painted Figurines! COLORS GALORE :)

I have seen pictures online of painted owl ceramic figurines in a beautiful array of, I decided to give my own take on the idea and found a huge supply of various figurines at the thrift store. I piled up my basket and brought all of them home to get to work:

I loved the idea of having a variety of figurines in different shapes and sizes and giving them a distinct color of their own. They can sit together in a group or individually........


After these were completed, I continued collecting interesting figurines at my thrift store hangouts and will post more pictures and the collection grows!!

These pretty little things range from 3 - 6 inches tall and are available in my Etsy shop!!

Thanks for checking these out!!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oz The Great and Powerful: Charm Bookmark Tutorial

In celebration of the movie opening:

 "Oz The Great an Powerful"                         

(and my daughter being home sick for 3 days) we found some awesome projects on from Disney based on the new Oz movie! 

We created this tutorial as we created these Shrinky Dink charms and bookmarks with the Oz characters:


The finished "Oz" bookmarks !

  You will find all the needed links to download the bookmarks and charm images at the end of this tutorial. So, lets get started:


 I downloaded the charm images from the Spoonful site and (using Photoshop)  I lowered the brightness to 50 % and then printed them out on Shrinky Dink - Ink Jet Paper.

FYI:  The paper package said to lower the brightness so that, when the images are baked, they are not too dark as the shrinking process adds saturation to the printed images.

Placing them on a brown paper bag eliminates sticking during the shrink process in the oven.

 At 250 degrees, I only had to wait a couple minutes to see them curl and shrink up...


I set the finished charms aside, and printed out the bookmark images from the Spoonful site next....

After drying, you may need to flatten them under a book for a bit if they curl some from the sealer...

After the Mod Podge dried, I cut out the bookmarks and punched their holes and (using some yarn or ribbon) I strung up the charms and attached them for a beautiful OZ bookmark !!

My daughter LOVES them!!


Here are the links:

Charm Images:  Oz Charm images

Bookmark Images: Oz Bookmark images

(when you get to the page, click on the download links beneath the picture)

And check out the other crafts on - it really is a very cool site for Disney crafts and activities!!!!

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Wicked jypsi