Thursday, April 11, 2013

Homemade Outdoor Game Mats: Hopscotch & Checkers & a Picnic Blanket in a bag....

Since the weather here has been so beautiful (after the rain left), spending our time outdoors has become even more fun with this portable  
                                    Picnic Blanket and
                          Homemade Game Mats to master our  
                                    Checkers and Hopscotch 
                                               skills in the sunshine!!


Each number is about a foot wide and long to allow plenty of room to land on the square...  


Any type of item can work as the Checker Pieces as long as they can be separated into two sets..(one set for each player).

Choose a theme and try to find it in a fabric pattern. Cut and iron on your fusible webbing to create your squares onto a plain background for the perfect Checker Board !!


 Any item can work as checker pieces...Legos, colored dice, bottle              caps...anything that is in your junk drawer will work!

And Last.....

                                 Picnic Blanket in a Bag:

I found this Alice in Wonderland fabric and had to find a place to show it off and this bag seemed perfect since a picnic can double as a Tea Party as well...right??

Using some of our favorite tee shirts we no longer can wear (but didn't want to throw out) we cut and sewed them together, added some batting and attached it all to a waterproof fabric for a backing...just in case the ground is till a little wet from the rain :))

Ready for a Picnic Party!!

 Thanks for checking in and I'll be back in a few days with new Summertime Jewelry items to die for :))))

Till next time,

         Wicked jypsi