Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LOOK What We (didn't) Catch...but almost !! :)

Those Leprechauns are Tricky !!!
But we thought we were trickier.........

                                         TRAP # 1 

The Tug and Drop Trap !!

The bottom of the Tug and Drop Trap - with a note promising riches as a lure.

Result # 1:  a broken Tug& Drop trap 
                                                  and a missing Leprechaun :(

So, we try, try again !!

TRAP # 2  

The Bait and Tumble trap - complete with a note of Promised Riches!!
Up close and Personal
 This trap has a ladder leading to the thin paper laid over the empty tin can that needs to be crossed to reach the paper gold on the other side,but the thin paper will collapse and the Leprechaun will be trapped inside.                                                         

Did this ingenious trap work on those foolish Leprechauns??
Result # 2:   No! We became the fools due to the craftiness of  those Leprechauns..........that's fine, sure, that's okay....we will see you Leprechauns next year!!
                                                         Dun Dun Dun.........

Till next time!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Terrarium Time (#2) Mini-Tutorial

Hi All!!
With the weather being so rainy and wet, I have spent much of my time indoors with my "little" gardens.  I have been able, through trial and error, to perfect the terrarium blend of ingredients for succulents and some of the other leaf-bearing plants. But as they always say, you never stop learning:)            

The layers begin ( from the bottom up):              
1. Charcoal ( just enough to cover the bottom) -can be found in aquarium aisle-

2. A piece of plastic mesh cut  to fit comfortably in the container (or any netted

3. Small rocks to lay evenly atop the plastic mesh (this will also keep it in place)

4. Potting soil and root of plant together so the plant sits well and secure in the

5. A top layer of crushed shells or small rocks (or both) create a nice contrast between
     the soil and the leaves of your beautiful plant!!

Here are a few others:
My favorite little pot- I couldn't resist!!

                                                                           Enjoy !
  Till next time,     
               wicked jypsi

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Terrarium Time!

After a big delay in posts, I have finally gathered up the first project to share here:
With Spring only a few weeks away, I couldn't help getting some planting going.
         It may be a bit early outside, so I decided to gather some stuff to put together this years terrariums: 

             And my plants:


   Here are some of the early results:

This is the beginnings of our Fairy Garden (in glass):)
 More to come in a few days!!!!  

Till next time,
the wicked jypsi