Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Giving My Shirt a Lift " :))

     I picked up a couple of shirts - one brown and one olive green - but they were boring and ended up in my sewing basket for three months along with my niece, Delanie's Hawaiian dress she asked me to sew last summer...  :( -sorry Del.  So, I decided to make a change to give them a little something........more:

Here is the brown shirt as I purchased it....kind of plain......

Both shirts are the same style, but different colors, so I took a pic of the brown to show a "before" picture - and the green one (next pic) is the "after" pic:

Added a "sweatshirt-like" pocket on front and an appliqued flower from the back of some tshirts I had laying around to be made in a quilt (also sitting in my sewing basket for months!!)
      My daughter say's she loves it, but I'm on the least I can say I know how to do it now!

Have a Happy Day!!