Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tye Dye: Finishing up the summer right!!

                     "SUMMER TYE DYE"


Tye Dyeing for me has always been a favorite summer time activity to do with my daughter, her friends, and my nieces. I am not an expert by any means, but a simple spiral pattern has always been preferable when working with the dyes in bottles. 

So with school starting next week, we wanted to finish the summer off by purchasing the large set of the "Tulip"Tye Dye brand kits from Michaels Craft store and experimenting with all the different colors. We wanted to see how the colors blended to created secondary colors and how we could control the patterns by learning new techniques to guarantee a lovely, colorful spiral pattern on the tee shirts, fabric squares (to be used to sew up some pillowcases and a small blanket) and a super-thin crepe fabric that is meant to become a light, summer shawl.


Quick note:*****************************

**warning: I also purchased the soda ash packet and soaked all the tees and fabric in it for 20-30 minutes as required, after- which I wrung out each piece extensively and hung them on the chair to be dyed by the kids.......unfortunately, I did not wear gloves and I ended up with literal burns on the skin inside my thumb where I twisted the fabric....that's what I get for not following the directions :( So WEAR GLOVES throughout the whole process including the dyeing part so as to not have blue fingers and fingernails for days after you've finished this project....yep, I did that to myself too!!**


Needless to say, we had a great time and came out with some new Tye-dyed tee shirts and a shawl I am already putting to good use!

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