Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's Boho time: New Jewelry to Love

         Bohemian Jewelry is making a Splash
    ....and I am thrilled to take part by creating some of my 
                     favorite styles with a personal flair....

It has and continues to be so much fun to try different styles when making this summer time traditional "look". The innate desire to create and the primitive feel of the process of braiding, macrame, beading and bead-weaving have brought moments of contemplation, mediation, and quiet to my mind that I have come to cherish and depend on over the past few months. Taking up my jewelry making craft again has been a delight and its funny how the more I create and learn new styles of jewelry-making, new possibilities and ideas come like a tidal wave. I guess that is the point they are making when they say "you never stop learning" and "creation only builds on itself"... well I say "Bring It On"!!

Here are the latest pieces:

These are great to accent other pieces, or worn all together for the "stacked" look!

These bracelets will be available in my Etsy Shop, so take a look......I'll be back with new jewelry pieces in a few days
& Thanks for stopping by !!

Wicked jypsi