Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yarn Carrier Wristlet - a personal favorite!!

I recently was at the bookstore and came across a book titled "Sew-licious Little Things" by Kate Haxell. Upon thumbing thru the adorable different sewing projects within, I came across a project for a yarn carrier (page 86) that conveniently hangs on your wrist as you knit or crochet. 

Now, I don't know about you, but I have four little sweet dogs, and the littlest one, a Yorkie named Lilo, just loves to pounce on the ball of yarn that sits on the floor as I crochet and grab it with her teeth and run all the way down the hall unraveling the yarn until she reaches the back bedroom to hide under the bed. It is so cute to see her so happy to conquor the yarn ball, but it also makes it very difficult to continue with a project after the third or fourth time this happens in an hours' time. So, this carrier was an absolute must. Needless to say, I purchased the book immediatly and came home to get to work......Here's what we have now:

Please forgive the yellow lighting.....

The instructions were very easy to follow and it was all said and done within an hour or two. I did add an adjustable clip to the bottom hole with thin cord instead of the elastic, but that was just a personal preference :)

 I also added a divided pocket on the side in case I want to carry a couple crochet hooks around if I ended up needing multiple sizes for a project. Again, personal preference!

Top view

So there we are! I fell in love with this woven fabric (above) so I am using it as I work, now, on a purse pattern from another book I picked up, so I'll return with a post on that project as well!

Thanks for stopping by!!

a.k.a. Wicked jypsi :)