Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pumpkins, a Cozy Fall Blanket & the Sinisters...finally!

Our Pumpkin Farm has Bloomed!!

Here are a few shots of our backyard "farm" where our pumpkins have grown, with some growing BIG: (yikes!!)

I  was so excited when I went out to see how the patch was doing..and this is what I saw!

I think Dexter has chosen his Pumpkin for this year :)

But this one's been taken by the lady of the house !!

 I have been getting into the Fall feeling, so I decided to make a cozy "Owl Blanket" to start the season off right:

I chose to make my theme "Owls" and and used a variety of fabrics for the applique. 

This is the backside in a anti-pill fleece I found and fell in love with !

Time to snuggle up!!

  Last, but certainly not least, is the completed illustration of my favorite family....the Sinisters: 
(I posted four members last time, but this is a compilation of the old and new members finally completed and ready to be put into embroidery patterns....coming soon!  
I hope you enjoy:

Chet.....(yes, he is as dangerous as he looks)!

Grandpa Hunch

...and Aunt Serena..(she's one of those "cool" aunts that we all love to hang out with...haha!
Remember to check back for the embroidery patterns that will be available on Etsy and, of course, a freebie or two to download simply because I luv ya:)))

Thanks so much for visiting!

Till next time,
       Wicked jypsi