Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Boho Jewelry...

I have been hard at work creating circle looms for weaving and a Mini- Loom for beading (which I will share on my next post) But for now, I have this quick - and fun- little Bracelet to share.......

I have to admit I have been obsessed with Macrame (of all sorts) since I was very young, and I can't go to long without quickly throwing a little piece, this bracelet was born (created) two nights ago. My 12 year old daughter snatched up this one and has been wearing it ever since (I actually had to borrow it from her for the couple of minutes it took to take these pics :) 

But I am already working on different colors so they can be worn as a stack together or with other pieces and you can find them in my Etsy Shop in a day or two at most!

Thanks for visiting and I will be back soon with more :))

Wicked jypsi

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's Boho time: New Jewelry to Love

         Bohemian Jewelry is making a Splash
    ....and I am thrilled to take part by creating some of my 
                     favorite styles with a personal flair....

It has and continues to be so much fun to try different styles when making this summer time traditional "look". The innate desire to create and the primitive feel of the process of braiding, macrame, beading and bead-weaving have brought moments of contemplation, mediation, and quiet to my mind that I have come to cherish and depend on over the past few months. Taking up my jewelry making craft again has been a delight and its funny how the more I create and learn new styles of jewelry-making, new possibilities and ideas come like a tidal wave. I guess that is the point they are making when they say "you never stop learning" and "creation only builds on itself"... well I say "Bring It On"!!

Here are the latest pieces:

These are great to accent other pieces, or worn all together for the "stacked" look!

These bracelets will be available in my Etsy Shop, so take a look......I'll be back with new jewelry pieces in a few days
& Thanks for stopping by !!

Wicked jypsi 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Quilted (bright colored) Kitchen Towels" !!

Recently, I have been upgrading various areas of my house. It is a long range project and I am taking it a room at a time. The kitchen is what I am upgrading slowly, and I realized we need some bright colors to offset the plain colors of the light green paint (that I haven't painted yet :)  A couple of bright colored kitchen towels seemed like it would do the trick!

 I think they are going to be perfect in the kitchen once it's painted:

Since this was my first time making these sort of towels that hang on the oven door or a drawer handle, I did some searching and reading online to get the ideas going....

and now that they are done, I am moving to Potholders!!!

Check back in a week for more projects and thanks so much for stopping by!

Wicked jypsi

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sliced Wood Ornaments & Gnomes...Year Round!!

      Who said Wood Ornaments are only for Christmas?? 


    Artwork by Poortvliet/Huygen from their book: GNOMES 

              "Gnome Wood Ornaments"

I have been a little obsessed with the new trend of Sliced Wood Ornaments that has been making its way around the Craft World.....Since I was lucky to have some tree limbs that could be cut from a cherry tree out back, I have the luxury of actual bark covered with moss in the sizes and shapes of "home-grown" wood circles :))


 I decided to use some favorite art work and see how they turned out:


Next, I added an eye screw instead of drilling a hole and found it more desirable for my taste, and added a little background white paint to make the Gnomes colors stand out a bit more. I think in the future I will use larger, brighter graphics so I can keep the natural wood-look, which is always my  opinion!

As a sealer, I used the Golden brand Self-Leveling Gel with evens the layers of paint and graphics to look smooth on the surface as well as seal the whole piece.



When all dry and done, they turned out just as I'd hoped:




There are a million ways to use these wood pieces and I am hard at work with a slew of different designs and mediums since these wood pieces can handle any paint, glue, wood burning or drill for that I'll be back to share the wealth :)!

Thanks for stopping by,

Wicked jypsi

Friday, January 24, 2014

Macrame Hanger for my House Plant!

Starting Early.......


I have jumped (maybe a little early) into the house plant mode, which I usually do in January or February of each year...This year being a little different with the unseasonably warm weather we are having here in California. I have stuck to house plants instead of outdoor plants just to be safe from the nighttime chill that comes after dark. 

So, now I am getting into placing them strategically throughout the house to maximize the light they receive and needed a way to put this plant up higher (rather then on the shelf or ground) and decided to try my hand at a Macrame Hanger. This is my first attempt so I used a simple cord I picked up from Michael's craft store. There was a massive amount of tutorials and ideas on Pinterest, but I wanted to start simple before I go further into some fancy knots later on. 

So here it is:  


I did take the photo outside even though it is an indoor plant simply because the lighting was better, but the Macrame Hangers are good for hanging any plants outdoors as well on the porch (from or back) or in the garden area. 


I am fairly pleased with my first attempt, even though it is not fancy at all, I look forward to making a bunch of Macrame Hangers using different styles of knots and color cords...the sky is the limit as far as I can tell!!


Ill be back with more next week...Thanks for stopping by!

Wicked jypsi


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gift Basket: Grow Kitchen Herbs

My favorite gift I put together this year was the:

                "Kitchen Plant Gift Basket"

Check it out:

I spied this idea (and for the life of me, I cannot locate it to add to this post right now :( and I had to give it a try...The chalk painted rims of the clay pots was cool to do because it was the first time I have ever used Chalk Paint:

 I also sewed up a little fabric seed envelope with a label window to store the packets of seeds that were to be included. Along with a cute pair of gardening gloves and a couple pieces of chalk tied in was ready to go!

Oh yeah, I grabbed a few bags of brown paper shreds from the Dollar Store and a cute basket at a local Goodwill, and then it was ready to go!!

Give it a try. It's easy, very inexpensive and make a very thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one (In my case, it was my sister).

Till next time,

Wicked jypsi

Friday, January 10, 2014

Applique Fox - Ready to hang up!

 My (long-awaited) Fox Applique.......

I admit it has taken me longer then I had hoped (a full week) to complete the Fox Applique that I wanted to hang in my room, but the project ended up requiring a little more then just basic cut-and-sew skills.....

I ended up need to find a suitable frame (my choice was oval) sand and paint it (which was tougher to accomplish then normal because it was a very cheap frame and the surface wasn't holding the paint very well) and fit the frame with a backing (it was an open frame with no glass or backing I found for $4 at Michaels on clearance) that needed to not only fit, but allow for the fabric to wrap around the sides to hold the stuffing in place on the front to create a rounded-puffed out effect (not the best explanation, but the pictures should make it clear :)

Enough Talk...Here it is:

Side view - Hopefully you can see that the fabic is puffed out for a 3D effect.....kinda!

Let me know what you think and suggestions are always welcome! Thank you for stopping by!!

Wicked jypsi