Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's Christmas Time: Easy Colored Block Lights !

           "Colored - Block Nightlights"

I saw a post on Crab & Fish ( I believe it was a link from a Pinterest pic that led me to her site.....) but these Festive Glass Block Nightlights were so pretty it was hard to imagine how easy they would be to put together....really 1,2 Done! 

Just a KraftyBlok from a craft store and some white (or green) wire lights in any colors or size you want! Her name is Mari and she has a cute little tutorial on them on her check it out!


And last, a quick update (because I am sooo late with this) but Halloween was fantastic and we ended up with a last minute costume change and a need for a quick but cute "Red Riding Hood" cape and Fleece came to the rescue with a simple but easy and adorable downloadable pattern and instructions. It was easy enough for me to sew the entire cape start to finish in 2 hours on Halloween afternoon...whew!


Here's what we ended up with:

A Happy "Little Red" on Halloween !

                             Hope your Halloween was wonderful as well!!


Now...onto Christmas!!!

Till next time,

     Wicked jypsi