Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY Sticker Storage "Carousel"

I was looking at the ATC Carousels from 7 gypsies website and was enthralled with the idea of having one!
Unfortunately, my wallet was not as enthused :(  
But I am a huge fan of all of their products and have been using their embellishments and collage items for quite a few years now. So, I figured they would forgive me for taking this detour and making my own home-made version of their carousel to organize my sticker collection.
Below is what I came up with:
Pardon my messy craft table ......

I originally was going to make a one-tier carousel, but I found a plant stand in the back yard that,
when placed under the first tier set-up I had made, fit perfectly to provide a second tier to hold the longer stickers.
Below is what I started with to create my first tier of the carousel:
A wood plaque to serve as a stand, a wire coffee cup holder, the top wire-circle with the black frame of a kit I found for $5 on clearance (the rest of the kit was missing), and a dowel to fit the hole in the middle of the black frame.

 I drilled a hole the size of the dowel in the wood plaque and wood-glued the dowel inside. Then I placed the coffee cup holder on and the wire-circle and frame on the dowel so all three would sit and be stable on top of the plaque. To hold the dowel tighter, I cut it a 1/2 inch from the top of the black frame and. after drilling a small hole down into the top, I screwed a pink-diamond drawer pull from Michaels into it!
I used badge clips on top, and pick circled paper-clips with binder clips on bottom to attach stickers- I also found some black separators you can see on the top-tier to separate the stickers into categories.

It's amazing how much better I can work when I am organized and know exactly what items I have to use!!! ** Let me know if you have any construction questions on this project!!**

Till next time,
    wicked jypsi

         My (very own)  Decorated Library drawer.....

 Here is how we started out:

                         .....with a drawer from 7 gypsies, 

                 4 wooden "feet", a pink drawer pull (which

             I ended up not using), eye screws and a variety

                of different styled chain to us as separators.

                   ....and here is where I ended up!!

As you can see, I did add other elements such as the upholstery nails and corner brackets from the Tim Holtz collection as well as some vintage ribbon to go around the bottom of the drawer and, finally, I collaged the entire drawer with torn up pieces of aa square of wrapping paper featuring an "Old World Map" theme (which fit in perfectly...I think :)


A few more pics of the finished piece: 


Thanks so much for checking our my Library Drawer project!  

In a few days, I will be posting the project for the function of my drawer...a journaling project to include writing daily on small note-cards and separating the monthly writings with larger decorated file-tabbed cards for each month!!

Till next time,

            Wicked jypsi


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