Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LOOK What We (didn't) Catch...but almost !! :)

Those Leprechauns are Tricky !!!
But we thought we were trickier.........

                                         TRAP # 1 

The Tug and Drop Trap !!

The bottom of the Tug and Drop Trap - with a note promising riches as a lure.

Result # 1:  a broken Tug& Drop trap 
                                                  and a missing Leprechaun :(

So, we try, try again !!

TRAP # 2  

The Bait and Tumble trap - complete with a note of Promised Riches!!
Up close and Personal
 This trap has a ladder leading to the thin paper laid over the empty tin can that needs to be crossed to reach the paper gold on the other side,but the thin paper will collapse and the Leprechaun will be trapped inside.                                                         

Did this ingenious trap work on those foolish Leprechauns??
Result # 2:   No! We became the fools due to the craftiness of  those Leprechauns..........that's fine, sure, that's okay....we will see you Leprechauns next year!!
                                                         Dun Dun Dun.........

Till next time!

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