Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1st Illustration Series - Comin' at ya !


                       the "Sinister Family".

I have been working on a variety of illustration projects 

and starting a new series I will share on my blog. The

"Sinisters" are my latest and they are based on designs

by a wonderful illustrator by the name of Bill Brown.

For now, there are three family members completed and 

I'm working on the rest of the family as we speak. 


So, without further adieu...

The Mr. and Mrs.


The suave Uncle Sin


And little cousin Vile Viki...up to no good, as usual !


I am also in the process of converting some of my illustrations into embroidery patterns. These will be available to purchase at my Etsy Shop - so check back with me and I'll be working fast to make those available :))

Thanks for visiting!



  1. You should totally make some into greeting cards! These would be perfect for Halloween! :)

  2. That's a great idea Kelsey! I had never thought of the greeting card angle - Thank you! I will give it a shot when the whole series if finished (only 3 or four more family members to go:) Thanks again.