Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tin Can Organizer -I LOVE IT !!

                     "Tin Can Organizer"

       After see this project on Pinterest

            I had to give it a try...........

Here is how I did it:

I gathered the following (as shown):

Empty Paint can
6 different sized tin cans
12 each: bolts, washers, nuts (2 for each can)
1 large nail
Sharpie (for marking where to drill holes)
Drill bits:  1 smaller and 1 the same size or a little larger then the size of my bolt

First, I marked where I wanted my holes to be on the tin cans:


 Next, using my nail and hammer, I punctured holes in the tin can where I had marked for holes:

Then, using the smaller bit, I enlarged each hole with my drill just enough to get my larger bit to fit inside and create a hole that fits the bolt:

I chose to paint all the cans and bucket different colors instead of decorating with paper, but whichever fits your own style definitely works:

When everything was dry, I marked the bucket to match the holes I had marked on the tin cans, and then punctured and drilled:

Everything was now ready to attach, so I placed the bolt inside the tin can pointing outward and pushed it through the bucket hole, and after adding my washer, I screwed in the nut to securely attach the tin can to the bucket  - and continued to add all the bolts/ washers/ nuts to each can until all of the cans were attached!!


                                              Viola !!!


Thanks for checking this out !! I've been working on lots of jewelry and hair accessories for the shop, so I'll be back with pictures really soon :)

Till Next time,

       Wicked jypsi


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  1. if you have a plastic lazy susan you could glue it to the bottom of the large can or just set it on top of your work surface. this makes it a little easier to access whats inside. i do it with the 5 gallon bucket tool organizers. makes finding the tool you need a lot easier. spin away.