Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Halloween Decor: "FrankenDoll Light", "Fortune Teller Sign" and "Wanted: Frankenstein Plaque !!

Only 14 Days til' Halloween....

    We are celebrating like every other crafter, by decorating every nook and cranny of our house with the most exciting craft projects we can create......

Here are my 3 latest projects:


                                  "The Franken-Doll Night Light"

There are quite a few doll-head projects on Pinterest we speak, so when I found an old lamp base at Goodwill, I decided to try my hand at a Frankenstein - themed doll light. I grabbed a doll and "borrowed" her head :), then the green paint, the crackle paste, some wire and bolts from the hardware store and         "Ta Da"'s what came of it!!


                         "Marie Laveau: Fortune Teller sign"

         I had one heck of a time photographing this sign. I tried outside, inside, etc...and I'm fairly proficient but not a total guru in Photoshop, and there was nothing I knew how to do in that program to help the these pics. Sorry - but it's enough to give you the idea !!


                         "WANTED: Frankenstein Plaque"

                    **   This last one was inspired by Dave Lowe, set and prop designer who runs an incredibly cool blog at : Dave  - He made the Frankenstein graphic and text available for download in a pdf on his site - so the above is my version with a plaque I found at a thrift store. I printed out the pdf from Dave's site and resized it, then inked it up a bit and burned the edges to give it an aged look and glued it to the plaque. So take a minute to visit his site - it is really worth the time - you will not leave uninspired...I promise!!

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll be back with a tutorial on the "Skull Door Knocker" project I'm finishing up!!

Till next time,

        Wicked jypsi

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