Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Crafting & Decor with Thrift finds!


I have been hard at work on projects to give as gifts and to share on this blog...but on a recent trip to the thrift store (where I find a lot of my supplies :) I was thrilled to find a few things that I was actually "Looking For" vs. whatever I happen to find understand!

The absolute best was the Cookoo Clock...

I have a small but growing collection going and even though this one is not a real "vintage" model, it still is going to be great to have and use as a Christmas Decoration!

 Then I found this skirt hanging on the Halloween Costume rack.... was marked way down and I had to grab it purely for the fabric. I can use it in so many ways and it was a really long skirt so there was plenty to work with!!

But this Santa was so cute and had such a vintage look to it, that I had to pick it up. It winds up on the bottom and plays "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town"...



...who could pass that up !!

Thanks for checking in, and I'll be back with more projects!!

Wicked jypsi

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