Friday, January 10, 2014

Applique Fox - Ready to hang up!

 My (long-awaited) Fox Applique.......

I admit it has taken me longer then I had hoped (a full week) to complete the Fox Applique that I wanted to hang in my room, but the project ended up requiring a little more then just basic cut-and-sew skills.....

I ended up need to find a suitable frame (my choice was oval) sand and paint it (which was tougher to accomplish then normal because it was a very cheap frame and the surface wasn't holding the paint very well) and fit the frame with a backing (it was an open frame with no glass or backing I found for $4 at Michaels on clearance) that needed to not only fit, but allow for the fabric to wrap around the sides to hold the stuffing in place on the front to create a rounded-puffed out effect (not the best explanation, but the pictures should make it clear :)

Enough Talk...Here it is:

Side view - Hopefully you can see that the fabic is puffed out for a 3D effect.....kinda!

Let me know what you think and suggestions are always welcome! Thank you for stopping by!!

Wicked jypsi

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