Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Amigurumi "Brain Slug" and "Grim Reaper

My new fascination with Amigurumi led me to a wonderful pattern I found at "Hooks and Needles" (click it for link)  a very cool site with lots to see by Alicia Ramirez..... the following "Brain Slug" amigurumi character is my new favorite!

Here it is: 
(protect your brain :)

I also grabbed the very cool book by Christen Haden "Creepy Crochet" in which I whipped up a little "Grim Reaper" from one of the many awesome patterns she shares, its a must have for any amigurumi fan out there!!

I also put this "Poison Apple" Display together simply because I am enthralled (for some reason) with the whole: Eden, poison apple, wicked witch thing!! I actually keep this thing up all year round next to my other artsy apple displays! -weird, but true!!

A very short and sweet post, but I wanted to share :).......................

Till next time,

Giselle- Wicked jypsi

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