Thursday, January 15, 2015

Star Wars Towels & Magnets Set...and I have been a Bad Blogger...Im so ashamed :(

I have been so terrible about posting my recent projects since my defense, I have recently been hired at my local Michael's store as their Jewelry Instructor and (beginning in February) the Crochet and Knitting teacher as well. I am so thrilled to be able to teach there and I've been busy working on the certifications from the Craft Yarn Council. So hopefully, I can be excused for taking such a long break between posts since I have truly been a busy bee trying to get everything done on time!

That being said, I have made so many projects in the past month and then turned around and gave them away as gifts for Christmas before taking pictures of them all. So here are pics of one of the gift sets I made for my awesome, Star Wars-loving sister-in-law...... 

STAR WARS Hanging Towel Set:


Up close of the top of the Darth Vader towel.....

....and I added the Star Wars Magnet Set pictured at top of post
                                  (and below..again:)........

Thanks for checking this out and I'll be back soon (I mean it this time) to update on more projects completed and in the making!!

Till next time,
     Wicked jypsi

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