Monday, June 25, 2012

A "Not So-Original" IIllustration....missing artist?!!

A "Not So-Original" Painting:

 A few years ago I came across an adorable picture on a Google Image search for inspiring illustrations, of a little girl in a crown using her magic wand to "Poof" her frog into a prince - as of a few weeks ago, I decided to replicate the painting for practice and am posting it to my blog - HOWEVER......I am unable to find the illustration on Flickr, Google, Yahoo, etc again and would love to find out the name of the original artist to credit her/him on my blog.  If anyone has any clues to help, that would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

This is the ORIGINAL illustration I found on Google:  

Pretty cute, eh???

And here is MY rendition:

I wasn't able to replicate it exactly due to my current skill level : ( ...but close!!

Thanks for checking this out, and again, if you have any idea who the original artist may be, please give me a holler!!!!!! THANK YOU....

Till next time,

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