Thursday, July 5, 2012

Recycled Apron

I needed a new apron, but decided to go for broke and only use fabric I already had in my stash versus going to the fabric store and purchasing some adorable new print they would have in, I dug in and found two old pair old jeans - one a lighter color then the other and some cute back pockets to use as accents. 


Along with the waistband & side seams from the jeans to be used as ties and straps, the two different shades of jean material that was cut from the front and back of the leg section of both pair of jeans really added a desirable contrast for the front of the apron.....




But I did want something with a little color to it for the inside of the apron, so I found a green, dotted fabric that would contrast nicely...


I added the pockets to the front and a "Recycle"-themed patch to seal the deal!!

Thanks for checking my "Recycled- Apron" out, and, of course, if there are anything I didn't cover in the post that you may have questions about, just drop me a line :)

Till next time,

            Wicked jypsi


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