Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Countdown: MONSTER PORTRAITS

                        HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN:

                           "Monster Portraits"

                        First Mr. Hairy Monster

Say Hello to Mr. of the hour.

With very few tools, this portrait can be a snap to assemble.

 * 1/2 yard of fake fur (color of your choice)

 * Frame with backing (size of your choice)

 * Eyeballs (I found resin ones at Michaels and painted them different shown)

  * Staple gun

First, I  measured the fur to fit inside the frame and before stapling, I made two small holes in the fur where my eyes would be glued to the backing board so the can poke through the fur when it is stapled to the backing board. Last, I stapled the backing board to the frame and hung up my Hairy Monster for all to see!


            Second:  Hollywood MONSTER Wall Art

Count Dracula...Mr Halloween Himself !

Mr. Frankenstein...
...& Mrs. Frankenstein favorite monster of all !
All three!

These were assembled using unfinished wooden plaques (ovals) from the Hobby Lobby. I copied and sized some Hollywood Monsters pictures and Modge Podged them to the front of the plaques. I then applied Golden brand Self Leveling Gel to smooth and even out the surface as well as add a shine. Then I hammered upholstery nails (black, white and brass colored) to the sides of each plaque and screwed in two small eye screws near the tops of each plaque and added chain (small black white and brass) for decorative hanging!

Coming up in the next post (Friday 10/26/12):

the "Evil Scientists Lab" with potion bottles and a brain cylinder to DIE for ....hahaha!!

See you then,

   Wicked jypsi

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