Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"It's Halloween Time" Wicked jypsi Style!!

Halloween is my Favorite time of Year!!


Almost all projects that follow will be made into quick tutorials on my next post later this week:

 With Homework all caught up, I've been catching up on my decorations for the season.

So far, my Painted Skulls, Hollywood Monster Plaques and Hairy Monster Portrait are some of the projects I have been dying to here they are:


A very important message for all who enter my Halloween lair :)
My Hollywood Monster Portraits were an easy but essential addition to my Halloween....
Plain fingers and eyeballs from Michaels were painted to be used in following projects...but are so fun all on their own too!
My sister going to work on our wolf-head scarecrow for the front porch!
Painting of many :)

Poofy Cheeks Tutorial "Halloween Shelf Sitters" link HERE !
Last but not least.....Hairy Monster absolute favorite!!

  Don't forget to check back in a day or two for mini-tutorials on the "Hairy Monster Portrait", "Hollywood Monster Plaques", Painted Skull light and more !!!! 

...and Thanks for visiting:))

Till next time,

         Wicked jypsi

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  1. Thanks for linking back - the shelf sitters turned out awesome!! :)