Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Crafting a WOODLAND Christmas

Gnomes, Trees,  Wreaths.....GALORE!


GNOMES...My New Addiction...strange, but true!!





 I have been absent for a few weeks, but not idle! I have had so much fun making my decor..




Here are my Woodland favorites!

My Little Doll !!

An awesome book is "FaLaLaLaLa Felt" by Amanda Carestio & Kathy Sheldon..... I have gotten so many ideas from this book and here are a few I have completed....

The "Yarn-wrapped Trees" from a variety of yarn widths and paper mache or Styrofoam cones from the craft store in different sizes...

 ...next is the "Felt-pieces Wreath" made with a piece of wire formed into a circle and scrap pieces of different colored felt and fleece.....
 ....last, the "Yarn-wrapped Wreath"..made just like the tree cones, but I used a round foam wreath as a base and ModgePodge to secure the strands..and of course, added a few pom poms: (a better pic of this wreath will be up soon)
please forgive the resolution...the colors of the yarn are so dark (navy blue, burgundy, and forest green), it is hard to get them to show up!

It was a surprise to find mistletoe right in my front yard.......




so I grabbed an empty grapevine wreath and went to work...



Here is what came of it...

my own "Mistletoe Wreath"

Last, (I said that before, but this time I mean it :) I had to make sign to hang in the hallway entrance, and some stockings to add more color to the walls..... so I decided on these:

 More to come...and I hope your holiday season is coming about marvelously!!


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