Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Prayer Flags for a great year!

Making my world a better place.....  

                      WELCOME  2013 !!!!

I have always loved to see the variety of colors, designs and patterns in Prayer Flags and figured it was an excellent time to make my own.......

I made a fabric stash raid and a trip to the fabric store to choose fabrics that not only looked, but also "felt" good to me and brought forth different feelings (e.g. ambition, peace, nostalgia, motivation, etc.) that would inspire me the whole year through. 


These will hang in my house in a place that allows them to be seen daily, specifically in the morning as I wake up and begin my day! 

  A new year begins...crafting and enjoying this blog, Law school applications and LSAT testing, article writing, starting my book store and, of course, spending every available moment with my daughter, watching her grow and make me so very, very proud!!

"Wishing you all the absolute best this year" 

till next time,

Wicked jypsi

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