Saturday, February 23, 2013

Boho Series: Hanging Birds Decor

Gettin' sick of winter- 

I'm getting ready for warmer weather (a little early but this is California after all) and enjoying spring and summer time requires a little prep work on my end..literally ;) 

So I am beginning a series of decor and jewelry that fits my devotion to color and the bohemian style.....I saw some tiny hanging birds at Cost Plus but I wanted larger birds to hang in my house not just on the doorknob but as decoration. So, I designed something a little larger that fit the supplies I had on hand....




I dug into my

stash for scraps 

to create the 

color scheme

for my Boho-

styled theme

for the coming 



Here's a quick play-by-play of the action:


I drew a quick sketch of

a bird and a wing to fit...





 Then, using it as a 

pattern, I cut 6 birds (with

fabric on fold and right 

sides together). 

I then cut 2 wings for each bird from contrasting 

colored fabrics and, using fusible web, fused the 

wings to both sides of the bird. Then with 

right sides together, I sewed the birds together 

leaving the raw edges out and trimmed them with 

pinking shears.


Now for the stringing...

   I braided the

end of my cord 

and tied it to 


a loop for hanging. 

Next, I tied a decorative

ribbon on to sandwich

the bird between (just

for looks). 


Threading my needle

with my cord, I ran it 

from top to bottom of 

the center of the bird

then tied another ribbon.  

Between each bird, I added 6 inches of wooden colored beads and 

small bells of different sorts until I came to my last bird. I

added a few more bells and ribbons, then tied it to keep 

everything together and in place to add the cowbell to the


 I could only find the

cowbells in tan, so I 

painted them over 

with gold antique 

accent paint after a white 

coat as a base. 


(the paint smoothed out

after it dried, so they 

looked better in the end)


Tying it all together and securing the cowbell with the 

cord and ribbon to hide the cord...I ended up with 


Finally done....

....and it receives Dexter's approval..whew!!!


Till next time,

Wicked jypsi 


  1. What a fun project! i've featured it today on Copycat Crafts :)

    1. Thank so much for featuring me, Amanda - I have been on vacation and what a delight to return and see your comment!!!