Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Plant Terrariums & favs!

A beautiful Maid Fern I tucked behind glass to keep it warm.

     It's that wonderful time of year to plan out the coming planting season and pray that your houseplants survive through the winter chill - so, I hit the thrift stores and picked up some hurricane glass shades and vases (and a cute mini-terrarium) to hold my new ferns, ivy and palm plants......

The cold has nipped at this English Ivy a little, but I'm guiding it now to curl around the cage bars!

This mini-palm needed a little space of its own to flourish.

   I came upon an adorable idea,            a Mushroom Pin Board  
               in the book:      
"Stitched Whimsy"                 
           by Heidi Boyd....

                           Check out Mine:

This project actually took me a while longer then expected, but I am pretty happy with the results :)  Check out the book:   Stitched Whimsy for yourself, it is full of awesome ideas to try!!

Till Next time,
       Wicked jypsi

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