Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY Bead Loom - SUPER EASY!!

                 " DIY Bead Loom "

 At the moment, I am not flush with cash, so I have been scouring the web to find a loom making tute or idea so I can make my own with out going into major construction mode - and lo and behold, I found this:

Suzi Crafts Bead Loom Instructions:


And then I made this:

It was so easy to make and required very few, inexpensive items from the hardware store.....

* a piece of wood that was 1" thick and cut to 6" x 14"

* 2 Pieces of wood each 1" thick and cut to 2" or 3" x 6" (same width as first board)

* 4 fairly large eye screws

* two  6" bolts (make sure they fit through the eye screws as shown)

* 2 screw-on nuts ( are there any other kind?? haha - j/k )

* 4 washers 

* 2 small nails

* Drill and drill bit a little smaller then the size of your eye screws


To Begin:

You want to take your cut wood pieces and apply wood glue to small pieces before placing them on wither end of the large wood piece (as shown)....

Then drill two holes into each small wood piece (and into the bottom large piece) directly in the middle of the 3" x 6" pieces and about 1" in from the sides...and evenly spaced between each other and directly even across the large board to the 3" x 6" wood piece on the other end, so that the eye screws are even on both ends....  

(a little confusing I know, but the pic should end any confusion...if not, comment below with any questions and I'll get right back to you or you can also check out the tutorial on the link to "Suzi Craft"s above)

One end with the 3" x 6" glued to the large bottom piece and drilled to allow the eye screws to be screwed in...and repeat on the other end making sure the 4 eye screws are placed evenly across from each other on both ends.

Once you've screwed in the eye screws ( it helps to have someone hold the boards together while you twist in the eye screw to avoid the boards separating as the eye screw goes deeper) and let the glue dry a bit, then hammer in one of the two nails into each end (as shown below):

and gather your Bolts, Nuts and washers to thread through the eye screws.......

Place the washer on both ends of each bolt to help the bolt stay steady when threaded.

That's It ! 

Now you can paint it if you choose, I am just a a bright color- freak so painting mine was a must! But you could also add some stain to the wood if you prefer the natural- wood look too!!


Till Next time,

        Wicked jypsi



  1. This is quite nice. Very simple but sturdy. Love it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much - I have been using this loom a lot for the past few weeks and it seems to hold the string really tight throughout the whole beading process :)) I am glad you like it and thanks again!!

  3. I am new to this, would you please show a demonstration on how to use it to make a bracelet or whatever it is you make with this cute wooden thing, thank you so much

  4. gonna go to my local home improvement store and gather my items and make one of your looms but i think im going to use springs instead of screws but i will by the screws in case