Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School: Backpacks, Locker Organizers & Clipboards (A.K.A. Patchwork, Duct Tape & Collage)

Love it or Hate it.....

                           It's Back to School Time!!!

It's been an awesome summer, but, like everyone else, we've been preparing for some cool Tech-Theatre college courses for me and my daughter's first year of middle school...the big 7th Grader!!! (I can't believe it :))



We knew she needed a backpack, so I grabbed my scrap fabric and sewed up a Patchwork Backpack:

I recycled a jean pocket for the outside and there is a matching one on the inside as well!

and matching Lunch Bag:


So, now Lily's set for school!!

Lily, or resident Duct Tape Addict, decided she wanted to doll up her locker in a productive way, so she used a pattern tutorial from her favorite duct tape guru - Sophie, from SophiesWorld, and made her very own Locker Organizer:

Slap a couple super-magnets on the back and it's done!!

And for me, I need a visible reminder of things coming up and that need to be done, so I grabbed some scrapbook paper (Halloween, of favorite:) and collaged a couple of Clipboards to hang on the wall:

Yep, Halloween...I couldn't help it!!

Whew...I think were finally ready!!

Till next time,

         Wicked jypsi

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