Friday, January 24, 2014

Macrame Hanger for my House Plant!

Starting Early.......


I have jumped (maybe a little early) into the house plant mode, which I usually do in January or February of each year...This year being a little different with the unseasonably warm weather we are having here in California. I have stuck to house plants instead of outdoor plants just to be safe from the nighttime chill that comes after dark. 

So, now I am getting into placing them strategically throughout the house to maximize the light they receive and needed a way to put this plant up higher (rather then on the shelf or ground) and decided to try my hand at a Macrame Hanger. This is my first attempt so I used a simple cord I picked up from Michael's craft store. There was a massive amount of tutorials and ideas on Pinterest, but I wanted to start simple before I go further into some fancy knots later on. 

So here it is:  


I did take the photo outside even though it is an indoor plant simply because the lighting was better, but the Macrame Hangers are good for hanging any plants outdoors as well on the porch (from or back) or in the garden area. 


I am fairly pleased with my first attempt, even though it is not fancy at all, I look forward to making a bunch of Macrame Hangers using different styles of knots and color cords...the sky is the limit as far as I can tell!!


Ill be back with more next week...Thanks for stopping by!

Wicked jypsi


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