Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sliced Wood Ornaments & Gnomes...Year Round!!

      Who said Wood Ornaments are only for Christmas?? 


    Artwork by Poortvliet/Huygen from their book: GNOMES 

              "Gnome Wood Ornaments"

I have been a little obsessed with the new trend of Sliced Wood Ornaments that has been making its way around the Craft World.....Since I was lucky to have some tree limbs that could be cut from a cherry tree out back, I have the luxury of actual bark covered with moss in the sizes and shapes of "home-grown" wood circles :))


 I decided to use some favorite art work and see how they turned out:


Next, I added an eye screw instead of drilling a hole and found it more desirable for my taste, and added a little background white paint to make the Gnomes colors stand out a bit more. I think in the future I will use larger, brighter graphics so I can keep the natural wood-look, which is always my  opinion!

As a sealer, I used the Golden brand Self-Leveling Gel with evens the layers of paint and graphics to look smooth on the surface as well as seal the whole piece.



When all dry and done, they turned out just as I'd hoped:




There are a million ways to use these wood pieces and I am hard at work with a slew of different designs and mediums since these wood pieces can handle any paint, glue, wood burning or drill for that I'll be back to share the wealth :)!

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